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Video on the Qualities of a Good Teacher


There is a great video on the qualities of a good teacher. Be sure to watch it and learn!

Becoming a Teacher in Arkansas

How to become a teacher in Arkansas, is what many people want to know. There are several requirements for applicants wanting to apply for teacher certification within the Arkansas area. Most applicants must obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college. An application for an educator teaching license must be filled out first. A complete background check is required by the FBI, Arkansas State Police Department, and the Child Maltreatment Central Registy Department. The initial license received will be good for one to three years, after an applicant has completed an undergraduate program at a accredited college. Before an initial license is given, applicants must pass the PRAXIS I, and the PRAXIS II exams. These tests are to evaluate how competent a person is in their math, writing, and reading skills. All teachers entering the field after certification, will work with a mentor during the first years of teaching in Arkansas. The mentor is provided for helping with improving teaching skills.

After working with a mentor in Arkansaas, the mentor will schedule the PRAXIS III test for the teacher when they feel the teacher is ready to take it. The standard teaching license is administered once the PRAXIS III test has been passed. Standard licenses are good for five years, and must be renewed afterwards. The non-traditonal licensure program allows teachers to work in classrooms while they are obtaining their initial license. Teachers must have a Bachelor’ Degree while obtaining the initial license. Professional teaching permits in Arkansas does allow for persons to teach who has a Bachelor’s Degree. Professional teaching permits allow the teacher to only teach in certain areas, in which the teacher must have already had experience working in. Reciprocity allows for teachers from other states, to work in the Arkansas area. For people wanting more information on teaching and certification, and how to become a teacher in Arkansas, they can visit many websites for information.

Top Ten Qualities of a Good Teacher

The Cons of Being a Teacher

If as a child you had dreams of becoming a teacher, you probably did not consider the cons of being a teacher. Now that you are considering it as a viable career path as an adult, it is important that you do consider the cons of being a teacher so that you have a realistic view of what you can expect before you pursue this career path.

Many states have made serious changes to the way that teachers are compensated for their time. While the teaching profession was never considered a lucrative one to pursue, today’s world expects to see measurable results as a means to establish your pay. For some teachers this could mean that the pay rate never exceeds the starting pay amount.

What you have seen of teachers is not all that they do. Students see teachers as people who have a regular schedule that includes summers off. Many teachers spend their time off working on lesson plans and developing a more diverse curriculum, so that time off is really just time spent working without pay. In some states teachers are also required to devote their time for free to after school activities in order to meet the requirement for the scoring methods now used to assess a teacher’s effectiveness.

To be a teacher is to answer to a calling. The rewards are mostly intrinsic. You have to come to terms with that if you plan to pursue teaching as a career or you will find yourself ill-suited to the task.